About Hybridise Ltd.

Blending the best since 2008

About Hybridise

Originally born out of an idea to sell hybrid conversion kits for cars, the company ethos has always been to bring practical and affordable technology solutions together to hasten the transition to a sustainable economy. Low carbon heat and power has been the primary focus and this led to the development of a proof of concept, solar heat pump system. There is a growing realisation on the importance of storage and systems integration in renewable energy. Hybridise is at the cutting edge of this trend and has the IP and R&D expertise necessary to bring this disruptive concept to market.

About the System

The solar heat pump will be cheaper to install and considerably cheaper to run than a ground source heat pump. Most system elements are common to all the renewable sources and a novel ground loop installation technique removes the cost barrier to  seasonal heat storage. The solar collector and heat pump may be installed separately if desired.

Solar Heat Pump - Benefits

  • Minimum 60% Cut in Heating Bill and 80% cut in carbon emissions
  • Efficiently produces hot water and heating from solar PV panels, all year round
  • Store surplus PV as heat by harvesting air source heat in warmer weather at high CoP
  • Free Cooling available as a by-product
  • Off-grid heat and power capability by adding an optional battery
  • 4 year ROI with RHI.  Achieves return on investment, even without RHI
  • Low cost, simple and quick ground loop installation, using a pneumatic mole
  • No grid tie inverter loss on heat pump consumption
  • Ideal for use with heat sharing networks
  • Integrates with electric vehicle charging
  • Plug and Play concept - Future proof
  • Practical implementation of IoT and learning algorithms
  • Capitalises on Time of Use tariffs
  • Potential revenue from grid services, e.g. frequency firming and DSM
  • Grid Interactive load balancing - reacts to load elsewhere on the premises or drops in generation from passing clouds and seeks to minimise net grid export or import.

Seeking development partner and/or licensing deal for the patent pending SHP concept.

Meet the team

Employee #1

Rob Bolwell

An innovator and product developer with a passion for energy saving. Milestones include a proof of concept Solar Heat Pump, a micro CHP system powered by waste cooking oil, a solar powered narrowboat, Stirling engine and linear alternator design and a 20 year career as a BBC Broadcast Engineer.

Employee #2

Currently seeking partnership